MasterClass: Santana

As I noted in my previous post, 2018 ended with two tremendous transcription projects: two MasterClasses by Santana and Tom Morello.

MasterClass is a new venture that gives the world’s leading professionals in many arenas (cooking, writing, directing, music, and even wine-tasting!) a platform to share their knowledge with ANYONE interested in the form of a “MasterClass.” Awesome.

Santana is obviously a living legend, and though I’ve worked with the world’s leading artists for decades now, I was admittedly a bit star-struck as I began working on this material. He has a fascinating world-view and philosophy stemming from his upbringing. I particularly enjoyed listening to his down-to-earth, appreciate your life, musings. It is rare to see artists share this type of content publicly.

Hope you enjoy! Highly-recommended.

Link to MasterClass: