Music Transcription


Steve’s interest in music transcription began when he was in high school. Learning to play jazz vibraphone and piano as a teenager, Steve began transcribing jazz solos and arrangements for groups he was playing in. Later, while studying music at the University of Michigan, Steve accepted his first paid job transcribing music from recordings. Since that time, Steve has transcribed thousands of pieces of music in a wide variety of genres and now frequently works an “on-site” music transcriber, creating or adapting on-the-spot charts for live shows and recording sessions.


Having perfect pitch, an extensive knowledge of orchestration and music theory, and a background as a drummer/percussionist and keyboardist, Steve can transform nearly any piece of music from an audio or video recording into playable sheet music. He is often called upon to recreate sheet music from recordings for which the printed sheet music has been lost or to transcribe improvised performances and songwriter demos. In addition, Steve is an expert at transcribing audio recordings to MIDI for music production instead of sheet music.


Music Copying / Engraving


Visually beautiful, clear and easy-to-read sheet music can help ensure the success of a performance or recording session. Older printed or handwritten music can be newly-inputted into modern notation software to incorporate revisions, correct errors, and facilitate new performance possibilities.


Whether the source is a handwritten score, a MIDI file, or a previously published work, a fresh new score and parts can be created with a clean, well laid-out design. Wrong notes can be corrected, page turns can be optimized, cuts and repeats can be properly indicated, and bowing / performance techniques can all be clearly notated.


Delivery of completed work can be as print-ready PDFs, notation software files in any desired format (.sib, .musx, .dorico, MusicXML), MIDI files, or as professionally printed and bound sheet music.


Orchestration, Arrangement and Adaptation


Steve has orchestrated, arranged or adapted thousands of pieces of music for recording sessions and live performance. He works with composers’ rough sketches and/or MIDI arrangements to create performance-ready parts for musicians.




An often overlooked but important task is transposing and adapting an existing piece of music into another key. While this can often be as simple as moving everything up or down a half-step, in some cases, partially re-voicing an entire score is necessary to maintain playability and musical clarity. Transposition can be done with existing printed sheet music, PDFs, software notation formats, MIDI and audio files.


Past orchestration, transcription, and composition projects include:



  • The Greatest Showman

  • Masterminds


  • MasterClass

  • Google


  • BECU

  • Hellmann’s

  • Manner

  • Samsung


  • Long Lost Family

  • The A.V. Club

  • Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour

  • Who Do You Think You Are?

  • Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie


  • Harry Styles

  • Santana

  • Tom Morello

  • Paramore

  • Jimmy Eat World

  • Morrissey

  • Young The Giant

  • Steve Martin

  • Bright Star (Broadway Musical)

  • David Foster

  • Nate Ruess

  • Andrea Bocelli

  • Caroline Campbell

  • William Joseph


  1. Contact Steve with the details of your request and include any necessary materials (audio file, YouTube link, etc).

  2. Prospective clients will receive an exact quote and guaranteed date of delivery. Because the complexity and time involved with transcription varies greatly, pricing is project-specific rather than a “per-minute” or “per-page” basis.

  3. Once the project is complete, clients will receive a link or media folder to download/access their transcription.

Transcription Services offered

  • Lead sheets (i.e. Piano/Vocal, Melody/Chords, etc.)

  • Master Rhythm (all rhythm parts together or as separate parts)

  • Solo piano

  • Solo instrument / voice

  • String quartet, chamber music

  • Big band

  • Pit orchestra

  • Full orchestra

  • MIDI transcription (translate sequenced MIDI into playable parts)

  • Professional, publishing-quality engraving from handwritten music

Testimonials From Clients

"I can't believe you were able to transcribe that crazy piano part! You saved the day." - Dave M.

"Thank you again for your prompt and excellent work..!" - John S.

"Thanks so much for all the work you did on this! Made the string recording very seamless." - Steven M. 

"Your charts made playing this very difficult music a breeze! Thanks so much." - Alan K.

"The session went great! Thanks for the flawless charts!" - Carol B.

"The orchestra rehearsal went so smoothly thanks to the new parts. Bravo!" - Bernhard W. 

Examples of Transcription work

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