Music Transcription SERVICE

Steve's interest in music transcription began when he was in high school. In learning to play jazz vibraphone and piano, he began transcribing and learning to play the solos of his favorite jazz musicians. He accepted his first paid job transcribing music while a music student at the University of Michigan. Since that time, he has transcribed thousands of pieces of music and created lead sheets, rhythm section charts, full orchestral scores, big band arrangements, and musical theater books.

Besides accurately notating music in terms of pitch, note value, dynamics, etc., being a great transcriptionist requires a thorough knowledge of orchestration and of the various capabilities of the instrument(s). Steve's absolute pitch, fluency with notation software, and attention to visual detail have made him one of Los Angeles' most in-demand music transcriptionists. 

Sheet music is delivered to clients as PDF files for printing or publishing, and can also be delivered in a professionally printed and bound format if desired. MIDI files, SIB or MUS files (for Sibelius or Finale), or MusicXML files will also be provided if requested.


  1. Contact Steve with the details of your request and include any necessary materials (audio file, YouTube link, etc).
  2. Prospective clients will receive an exact quote and guaranteed date of delivery. Because the complexity and time involved with transcription varies greatly, pricing is project-specific rather than a “per-minute” or “per-page” basis. For large-scale projects, a deposit may be required.
  3. Clients will receive a link to download their transcription upon receipt of payment. 

Transcription Services offered

  • Lead sheets (i.e. Piano/Vocal, Melody/Chords, etc.)
  • Master Rhythm (all rhythm parts together or as separate parts)
  • Solo piano
  • Solo instrument / voice
  • String quartet, chamber music
  • Big band
  • Pit orchestra
  • Full orchestra
  • MIDI transcription (translate sequenced MIDI into playable parts)
  • Professional, publishing-quality engraving from handwritten music

Testimonials From Clients

"Thank you again for your prompt and excellent work on these!" - John S.

"Thanks so much for all the work you did on this! Made the string recording very seamless." - Steven M. 

"Your charts made playing this very difficult music a breeze! Thanks so much." - Alan K.

"The session went great! Thanks for the flawless charts!" - Carol B.

"I can't believe you were able to transcribe that crazy piano part! You saved the day. Thank you and hope we can work together again soon." - Dave M.

"The orchestra rehearsal went so smoothly thanks to the new parts. Bravo!" - Bernhard W. 

Examples of Transcription work