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Every artist, musician and/or band needs a good-looking, functional and reliable website in this day and age. Sadly, too many artists do not get the exposure they desperately need because simply they have an outdated, defunct, and unclear website (or worse, no web site at all!). And why is this? Sometimes we don't know where to start. Sometimes the prices from web design firms and/or developers just seem outrageous. Or maybe, even if we could figure it out ourselves, we just don't have the time. 

Here at Steve Aho Music, we are lucky to have an experienced web designer on staff who builds sites specifically for musicians, artists, bands and arts organizations. Let us build you a beautiful, easy-to-navigate site that will showcase your work or organization's mission so you can focus on making music!

 Here's the best part. It won't cost you an arm and a leg, or several months' rent. We specialize in providing the best services to artists for a reasonable price. The other best part? After your site is completed, we will teach you HOW to use your site and edit it! That way, this is a simple, one time fee for you or your organization/band! 



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